Interested in joining our group? Please read the following:

PhD applicants: I am accepting PhD students for 2024. We have one application season per year, with the next round of apps due Autumn 2023 to start the PhD program in Autumn 2024 (see more about both the iSchool and CSE programs).

Masters students/Undergraduates: I am not currently accepting new undergraduates or Masters students.

Other inquiries: Postdocs and visiting students are welcome to email to discuss potential opportunities. Please include a description of your research interests, alignment with this lab, CV, any relevant recent publications, and your timeframe. If you are an international student, you may need to apply through the UW's VISIT program.

I receive many email requests and unfortunately may not be able to respond to them all. To increase your chances of receiving a response, please be specific in your message and request.



Here are my close student mentees and collaborators at UW and beyond! Many of whom I coadvise.
Go check out their work!
  1. PhD researchers


    Masters researchers

    photo of a green valley an blue sky
    Sanjana Chintalapati, CSE
    photo of a sunset over backlit mountains and a lake
    Jun Hou, Northeastern

    Undergraduate researchers




I have also had (and continue to have) the pleasure to mentor some amazing research interns and predoctoral scholars at AI2. If you're interested in what it's like to work with me, you can also reach out to these folks.
  1. PhD student, University of Chicago, 2023
    PhD student, MIT Media Lab, 2023
    PhD student, University of Washington, 2023
    PhD student, University of Toronto, 2022 & 2023
    Masters student, University of Washington, 2022
    PhD student, Stanford, 2022
    Undergraduate student, University of Washington, 2021
    PhD student, University of Washington, 2021 → Postdoc, AI2
    PhD student, University of Copenhagen, 2021 → Postdoc, University of Copenhagen
    PhD student, Carnegie Mellon University, 2021 → Research Scientist, AI2
    Masters student, University of Toronto, 2021 → PhD student, Northeastern University
    Predoctoral Young Investigator, 2020 → PhD student, MIT
    Predoctoral Young Investigator, 2020 → PhD student, Johns Hopkins University
    PhD student, Northeastern University, 2020
    PhD student, University of Washington, 2020 → Research Scientist, AI2
    Predoctoral Young Investigator, 2020 → PhD student, UC Berkeley
    Postdoc intern, 2019 → Assistant Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology