I am a Postdoctoral Investigator at the Allen Institute for AI (AI2) in the Semantic Scholar research group.

I work on KR and biomedical ontologies, text mining and NLP for biomedical and scientific text, open access, and meta-science. I completed my PhD in the Department of Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education (BIME) at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. I also hold degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Physics from Johns Hopkins and MIT respectively.

I live on (in?) Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling and hiking, foraging for mushrooms, playing go (weiqi), cooking, and working on miscellaneous projects. See photos from my latest exploits.


Jun 22, 2021: I participated in a panel on "Biomedical Informatics Career Development" at the annual NLM Informatics Training Conference, which I last attended as an NLM informatics trainee in 2017!

Jun 22, 2021: New preprint out on arXiv: "Incorporating Visual Layout Structures for Scientific Text Classification, which investigates ways of injecting visual layout structure into language models to improve document understanding! Led by Zejiang (Shannon) Shen

Jun 10, 2021: I wrote a two part blog post discussing SciA11y. The first part, published in late May, discusses the current state of scientific PDF accessibility. The second part introduces a potential system solution for the problem as well as some highlights from our user study.

Jun 10, 2021: I helped co-organize a successful 2nd Scholarly Document Processing (SDP) Workshop, held this year at NAACL.

May 13, 2021: I summited Mount Rainier!

May 7, 2021: I gave a talk at the ICLR Machine Learning for Preventing and Combating Pandemics workshop.

May 4, 2021: We released a new preprint on creating accessible HTML renders of scientific papers from PDF! An accessible PDF of the preprint is available here. We describe and quantify the current state of scientific PDF accessibility, which is quite poor, and introduce the SciA11y system.

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