Who’s job is it?

I have always operated on the principle that it is part of the physician’s job to educate the patient. Before applying any tests and treatments, my doctor needs to make sure that I understand what it is that I am above to experience and any possible consequences (including negative ones). However, is this asking too much?

Is it the physician’s duty to educate the patient, or just to provide the resources to help the patient educate him/herself?

We talk a lot about bedside manner, yet with all the things competing for a physician’s attention, does making the patient feel safe and supported really fall under the physician’s jurisdiction? As a patient, do I really want a physician who can talk the talk and make me feel like he/she’s best friend material? Or would I rather go with the quiet, slightly-autistic introvert who’s aced all their exams, know their procedures head to tail, and have the numbers to back up their cred.

Communication is important. But maybe it’s not the physician’s job to provide it.

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