Readings Week of 9/21

Autumn quarter 2014 commenced on 9/24, highlights of my short week:

JC Letelier et al. “Organizational invariance and metabolic closure: analysis in terms of (M,R) systems.” Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol 238, Iss 4, 2006: p. 949-61.

A review of Robert Rosen’s somewhat controversial work on metabolic closure, the question of how metabolism bootstraps itself. In living organisms, the enzymes responsible for most physiological activity must be generated and regenerated (following enzyme degradation) by the organism itself. “How must a system be organized if it is to continue in operation indefinitely?” Especially when even a small part of it can be as complicated as this.

N Benson, M Whipple, I Kalet. “A Markov Model Approach to Predicting Regional Tumor Spread in the Lymphatic System of the Head and Neck.” AMIA Symposium Proceedings, 2006.

Connecting back to the treatment planning work I was doing at Xcision last year, this paper describes a way to estimate the spread of subclinical disease into lymphatic chains in patients with head and neck cancer. It derives lymphatic anatomy from the functional model of anatomy (FMA) and models the probability of metastasis into particular regions based on the primary tumor site and its T-stage. This was primarily a proof of concept and no optimization training was done on clinical data.

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